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Benefits of Installing a New Boiler

There are a number of reasons to install a new boiler and this blog post is designed to better educate you about the advantages of doing so. Sometimes our boilers just won't work any longer and sometimes its just time to improve your overall central heating. Here at RB Heating and Gas Services, we offer a variety of boiler services, so take a read of the benefits below and if this is something you're looking to improve about your home, you're at the right place! 

Saving Money on Energy Bills 

Did you know that new boilers can actually save you a lot of money on energy bills since they are a lot more efficient and perform to a higher standard. Every boiler that is manufactured and sold in the UK is required to be rated through the Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers Scheme. This scheme rates boilers in alphabetical order; A Rated being the most efficient and G being the least efficient boiler. Did you know that installing an A rated boiler from a G rated boiler could potentially benefit of 20% increase of more in higher efficiency levels. Simply put, upgrading to a higher efficiency boiler could save money on your energy bills, whilst improving your efficiency overall. 

New Boilers are smaller and quieter

Modern day boilers now benefit from being a lot more smaller in size and quieter in sound. This has a lot of additional benefits; especially if your boiler is fitted on the other side of a bedroom wall! Gone are the days of a noisy boiler that takes up so much space. New boilers benefit from being smaller but a lot more powerful whilst being quieter. Another benefit of this is that you can fit a boiler hidden away in a cupboard in your kitchen, completely out of sight. 

Extended Warranty & Guarantee

Boiler manufactures now offer extended warranties or guarantees on their boilers. For example, Baxi accredited installers are able to offer warranties of up to 10 Years on certain boilers. Which could mean that you are covered for all parts and labour over the coming years. 

Increase Your Property Value

The final benefit we want to touch on is that installing a brand new boiler can increase the property value of your home! Whether you're looking to install a brand new boiler to impress future buyers or simply to improve your boiler system, the benefits are great! Offering a great boiler system with your home when you come to sell it could impress buyers and offer them a piece of mind for the future condition of their new home. 

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