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Benefits of powerflushing your central heating system

A powerflush is the best way to keep your central heating system working like brand new. No matter how old your system is, a powerflush will always improve its performance! We know central heating systems are a complex part of your home, so here are some handy signs to look out for… 

You may need a powerflush if:

  • Your boiler is making loud, unusual noises (banging, kettling, gurgling)
  • A magnet is able to attach to your copper pipes (this indicates there is a build-up of iron sludge inside)
  • Radiators take a long time to heat up/don’t heat up at all
  • Dirty water is coming from your system

Will a powerflush help heat up my home quicker?

Yes! This is the biggest benefit of a powerflush, as it saves you money and makes your home warmer in a shorter space of time. To put it simply, your radiators will heat up much quicker than before and may even feel slightly warmer; without needing to turn up the thermostat! Saving you money without you even realising. Your home will also feel warmer as cold spots will have been eliminated, letting your rooms heat up evenly and quickly again.

Will a powerflush make my central heating system last longer?

Yes! A powerflush leaves your central heating system in perfect condition, like it was when it was first installed, removing all of the damage and use it has endured over the years. This reduces the risk of any problems or breakdowns, as it is in great condition again.

Will a powerflush make my central heating more efficient?

Yes! After a powerflush, your system is free from all the build-up that caused it to work much harder, leaving it free to operate much more efficiently. This leaves you with lower energy bills, as you are not paying for wasted energy. You can also save more money by turning your thermostats down a degree or two, as your home will feel warmer.

Will I need a powerflush the next year?

No! After your home has been powerflushed, it can last years before it needs another; when teamed with annual boiler servicing by our gas engineers. That’s years free from noisy boilers, patchy radiators and unreliable central heating!

Need a gas engineer in Nottingham to powerflush your system?

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