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Things to Consider Before Installing a New Boiler

Getting a new boiler comes with lots of questions. Choosing the wrong boiler can leave you with high energy bills or a lack of hot water for years to come, so we will do everything we can to help you make the right choice! Here are a couple of questions that you should ask yourself...

Which type of boiler do you need?

Conventional Boiler

Conventional boilers are good for homes with old radiator systems that will struggle to cope with the water pressure that comes with system/combi boilers. They require water cylinders and two water tanks, so are better suited to bigger homes with a lot of spare space. Although, they can meet a high demand for hot water so are great for large homes with several bathrooms.

System Boiler

System boilers are a good midpoint between combi and conventional boilers. They require a water cylinder and no water tanks, so don't need as much extra space. However, they can still meet a high demand for hot water, so are still great for larger families and homes with several bathrooms.

Combination Boiler

Combination (combi) boilers only require a boiler unit and no other components, so are ideal for smaller homes. They are very efficient, as they heat water as and when it is needed, rather than storing it in a tank. They will struggle to meet a high demand for hot water and water pressure decreases when several appliances run at the same time. As a result, they are best for smaller homes with small families.

Where will my boiler go?

A lot of new boilers are now much more compact, so are typically wall mounted and installed in kitchen cupboards. We know this doesn't suit everyone, so consider whether this will fit in with your kitchen space or not. Alternatives to the kitchen include airing cupboards. You also should ensure you have the space to install water tanks/cylinders, if your boiler requires them. If not, a combi boiler may be the most suitable option for your home.

Who can install my new boiler?

Only engineers that are on the Gas Safe registered are legally able to install gas boilers. Please remember to check the gas credentials of every gas engineer that comes into your home because failure to do so could put your loved ones at risk...

Which boiler manufacturer should I choose?

We're trained with Ravenheat, Vaillant and Worcester-bosch, but we're more than happy to install and recommend other boiler manufacturers!

Need a new boiler installed in Nottingham?

We install new boilers across West Bridgford, Beeston, Wollaton, Arnold, Clifton, Edwalton, Radcliffe, Ruddington, Carlton, Lady Bay, Hucknall, Long Eaton and Keyworth. For more information about which boiler you need, or to arrange a free quote, give us a call on 07702431424, email us at or fill out our handy contact form. We hope to hear from you soon!